Can Ayurveda Cure Male Infertility?

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Can Ayurveda Cure Male Infertility?

Deficient spermatogenesis – Spermatogenesis is the process by which sperms are formed. Apart from wholesome hormone levels, this necessitates an optimum temperature 1-2 degrees decrease from average body temperatures (the central reason the scrotum is placed ‘outside’ the body).

Depressed fertilization is caused by birth imperfections such as underactive testes.

Haplotype (chromosomal) diseases, such as Consider the following Syndrome, cause ciliary function (mobility) and sperm motility to be lost.

Notably small is a chromosomal condition in which the opening of the penis is on the bottom rather than the finger, resulting in sperm depositing high in the vagina.

A lifted scrotal average temp, such as in varicocoele, may interfere with gametogenesis.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Male Infertility

Dravya is the pain medication or drug used for therapies in Ayurvedic terms. Certain dravyas are employed to supply Balya (those that enhance body strength), brahmana (those that provide nourishment to the body), and vrishya for male infertility (those which increase fertility).

Cow’s milk, cow’s ghee, honey, ashwagandha, Bala, Shatavari, Triphala, shilajitu, musali Pak, chyawanaprasha, vrishya vati, kushmanda avaleha, Rasayana vati are some of the dravyas that are suggested for sexual wellness. You can recommend Some of the best sexologists in Delhi.


Dravyas Vajikarana

Vajikarana is a branch of Ayurveda that was developed to treat infertility issues. Among the Vajikarana dravyas are:

Milk, ghee, Shatavari, ashwagandha, and other dravyas improve sperm count.

Sugarcane, kushtha, and other dravyas for sperm purification

Dravyas promote fertilization capacity in sperm- Brahmi, Shatavari, Guduchi, etc.

Kesar, garlic, long pepper, lavanga (clove), and other libido boosters

Nutmeg, ashwagandha, Chandana, and other dravyas that prevent premature ejaculation


Therapies Suggestions

The most significant treatment approach is treatments and counseling to reduce stress, distress, and anxiety associated with infertility, as well as addressing and addressing issues of marital conflict and low self-esteem and assisting the couple in coping with the same.

Treatment methods such as abhyanga (body massage), Shirodhara, nasya, and others help to relax the mind and body. There are many Best sexologists near me.

Impediments causing barrenness in men

Sperm are made in the balls; then they endure 2 to 10 days going through a progression of little cylinders called the epididymis, where they mature, and exit into a giant cylinder called the vas deferens. The vas deferens discharge the sperm into the ejaculatory pipe, where they are blended in with the original liquid from the fundamental vesicles and the prostate organ.

During discharge, solid constrictions force the semen into the urethra and out of the penis. Blockages or unlucky deficiencies of cylinders (counting the vas deferens) are the reason for around one out of 3 instances of male barrenness. Blockages or unlucky deficiencies of cylinders might be because of vasectomy or injury.

Food Consumption Recommendations


Included within your diet are fresh, organic fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, coconut, coconut milk, and meat.

Dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, black currants, figs, dates, and so on can be combined with milk to make vajikarana.

What Factors Contribute to Male Infertility?

Defective spermatogenesis – Spermatogenesis refers to the procedure by which sperms are formed. Apart from a healthy endocrine system, this necessitates a correct temperature 1-2 degrees lower than the temperature (the primary reason the scrotum is placed ‘outside’ the body).

Depressing metabolic activity is caused by congenital disabilities such as unruptured testes.

Autosomal (chromosomal) ailments, such as Kartagener Syndrome, cause ciliary function (transportation) and sperm peristalsis to be lost.

An undescended testicle is a congenital disability in which the introduction of the penis is on the bottom rather than the tip, resulting in sperm depositing high in the vagina.

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