Masturbation is self-pleasuring by touching and rubbing parts of your body parts for sexual pleasure. The persons who have out-of-control sexual behaviour and lack sex with a partner will masturbate so often, where excessive masturbation is referred to as masturbation addiction. Masturbation is not a destructive activity, but too much of anything is dangerous, and in this case, it can be quite serious. You cannot discuss it with anyone. It is not a diagnosable mental illness, but it should be treated in time. Otherwise, it will hugely impact your health and daily functioning activities. If you are addicted to masturbation, then you should take the proper treatment. We at Dr. Sexual provide you the best treatment for rehabbing yourself from the addiction of masturbation.

We, India’s Best Sexologist, help you to overcome your masturbation addiction problem. With all our skills and experience, we offer the best specialized masturbation addiction treatment. We have treated lots of patients and ended up with successful, happy results. We properly listen and understand your condition to provide you the best solution. Each person has a different problem, and we consider an individual's condition and provide the treatment with the best care. We make a friendly approach to make you feel comfortable and better. Our main aim is to help you overcome the unsaid problems.

Identifying Masturbation addiction

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, there are no criteria to determine whether masturbation is a problem. This issue is not a diagnosable mental disorder, but you need to take treatment to lead a healthy life. We ask you some questions to identify why you have been addicted and how to provide the right treatment.

What can be the Causes

These are some common causes that may tend you to need compulsive or excessive masturbation.

1. Masturbation is used to lift your mood, relax, or relieve stress if you have underlying depression or anxiety.

2. As because of your neurobiology, you have a proclivity for addiction.

3. You are trying to avoid emotional pain caused by life circumstances by focusing on addictive sexual behaviours.

General Impact

A person who masturbates excessively or compulsively may experience the following symptoms:

1. Sexual satisfaction is lower.

2. Self-esteem is low.

3. Their masturbation habits harm other aspects of their lives, such as personal relationships and career-oriented problems

Side effects of masturbation addiction

Masturbation addiction can cause two phases of side effects, such as physical and mental. We treat people with both conditions with specific treatments.

Physical side effects- Excessive masturbation can cause oedema, guilt, and skin irritation on the physical level. Edema is the swelling of body parts caused by infection or inflammation. Tightly gripping the penis can result in dangerous swelling. It can cause skin irritation and tears. It can also cause intense feelings of guilt, making a person sad or make them feel bad about themselves. It could also lead to phobia, depression and affects the way you behave in society.

Mental side effects- Excessive masturbation, in psychological terms, is a battle on the inside. You will notice behavioural changes such as deferring religious views, poor sexual communication, and excessive sexual conflicts with your partner, and relationship problems as your perception of these phenomena shifts

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