To understand semen leakage or night discharge, you should first understand more about semen. When the man ejaculates, the whitish fluid that gets released from the penis is called semen. Primarily seminal fluid produced by seminal vesicles and the prostate. The seminal vesicles are the tiny glands located behind the prostate. A certain percentage of semen is made of sperms as well. The semen is generally coming out through the penis during sex or masturbation. However, sometimes the semen can exit the end of the penis without being aroused sexually.

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Semen leakage is a common occurrence during intercourse activity and you need not worry about it. Some conditions may cause semen leakage, and some may have a direct cause that can be treated. Others do not necessarily require any medical interventions. The semen leakage or any other concerns related to the reproduction system should be discussed with the specialist or urologist to solve the issues.

How do you think night discharge happens?

Night discharge or nightfall involves the ejaculation of the semen involuntarily when accompanied by an erotic dream. This condition, the rapid release of sperms, will take happen when you are sleeping. It is a healthy difference in the individual body. Still, the change will be based on the discharge if it is not because of erotic dreams. The most common explanation for the overproduction of semen is an improper diet that will produce sperm on excessive levels and even some professional stress.

If an individual has been away for sexual contact, they are bound to have some erotic dreams that will abrupt the semen discharge from the men’s penis. It is a common condition, and it is naturally observed in males and sometimes in women as well. It is the condition that is portrayed as the ejaculation of the seminal liquid when you are sleeping without any sexual stimulation. Eventually, the individual will become weak soon after the lethargy.

How do you think night discharge happens?

1. Some of the common symptoms observed in a person suffering from night discharge are restlessness, emotional disturbance, difficulties in urination followed by night sweats, and insomnia. Night discharge will make the person mentally, physically, and sexually weak. It is also the cause of dizziness, and it will make a person lazier than anything ever. Some of the side effects will include knee pain and even insomnia.

2. In certain cases, people may also face some memory-related problems where many of them will start forgetting things that have become common. The most severe consequences of these nocturnal emissions are the frequent discharge of seminal fluid. The sperm count will usually decrease in males that will lead to an inability to have good intercourse period.

Treating the night discharge

Giving proper treatment to nerve injury from inflammation or any other infection is the best way to control night discharge. When nerve damages occur due to any surgery, nervous system diseases, or cancer treatment, it may become hard to treat the issues.

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