Premature Ejaculation is when the man climaxes sooner than normal during the time of intercourse with his partner. In other words, the release of the semen from the men's body is Ejaculation. When it happens sooner, this type of issue is said to be premature Ejaculation. There is no set time when a man should have Ejaculation, but having the orgasm before the intercourse or soon can be frustrating for your partner, and feel there is no enough time to enjoy it. The early climax may not be a sign of worry, but it can be a frustrating factor several times. It can happen before penetration is achieved.

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The best clinic in Delhi for Premature Ejaculation

Usma Clinic in Delhi is one of the best clinics that can help you eliminate the issues in your sexual life. We are working with a team of reliable professionals who are trustworthy to share your personal medical information. Our excellence in this field with the latest medical technology that we handle will guarantee the overall treatment results

When should you approach us?

The primary symptom of premature Ejaculation is the incompetence to delay the orgasm for more than one minute soon after the penetration. Men experience a period of both rapid Ejaculation and normal Ejaculation. The common premature ejaculation symptoms will include the following. So, in all these instances, you can look for the assistance of our medical professionals.

1. The feeling of frustration, embarrassment, or guilt

2. Ejaculation that will happen in a routine with decidedly less sexual stimulation

3. Diminishing the sexual pressure due to lack of control over the Ejaculation

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation will occur due to a complex interaction between psychological and biological factors. However, the causes are not found appropriately.

1. Common causes may be recreational drugs and thyroid gland issues. Here the glands may be overactive or underactive thyroid gland or prostate gland problems.

2. There are also several other physical causes like early sexual experiences, poor body image, sexual abuse, performance anxiety, guilt, and depression.

3. There may also be other reasons like erectile dysfunction, sexual or other anxiety issues, and relationship problems

Treatment that we offer for the issue

Several treatment options can be considered to overcome Premature Ejaculation. Sometimes, you will understand the treatment or combination of the treatment that will be working perfectly for you. Here are the following are some of the common treatment options our team of medical professionals can suggest for you.

1. Behavioural techniques

2. Medications

3. The pause-squeeze techniques

4. Condoms

5. Pelvic exercise

Why choose us for premature ejaculation treatment?

The problem of Premature Ejaculation needs to be consulted with the experts for treatment. It is necessary for a stronger sexual life and comfort with your partner. Here, find some of the common reasons for choosing us.

1. Professional guidance from the equipped and professional medical male sexual health experts.

2. Up to date with international standard of andrology related research and findings

3. A multidisciplinary approach with a strong focus on the enhancing lifestyle

4. Privacy and anonymity of patients as the priority

5. Affordable premature ejaculation cost

6. Highly qualified and experienced andrologist and other professionals in the team for the perfect results

7. Promoting some awareness of multiple male sexual health issues that a man may have

8. Equipped with evidence-based, scientific, the latest state of the art health equipment

Fix an appointment for the solution

Having a good sexual life is crucial for successful family life. Are you struggling to enjoy the best sexual life with your partner? Everything comes with a solution and we will bridge it to you. It is time to discuss with our team of specialist. Book the appointment now!

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